Zhi Zhu
Sherlock (2010)
Zhi Zhu
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality Chinese
Family Soo Lin Yao (sister)
Occupation Assassin
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Blind Banker"

Zhi Zhu, literally The Spider, was an assassin for the Black Lotus Tong. He is Soo Lin Yao's brother.

When he came to her for help in locating a stolen artefact, she refused to help him. Believing that she has betrayed him, he threatened to kill her and soon made good on his promise. It would seem the years away from his sister and in the Black Lotus Tong has hardened him into a heartless killer, as even killing his own sister did not bother him. Zhi Zhu was killed by John, unintentionally, when the doctor knocked a ballista off-mark through the assassin's chest, saving both Sarah (who was in the line of fire) and Sherlock (who was being strangled by Zhi Zhu).

Gallery Edit

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