Greg: "Come on, don't you think it's time to be a bit sensible?"
Vivian Norbury: "Hm, no I don't think so."
The Six Thatchers
Vivian Norbury
Sherlock (2010)
Vivian Norbury
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality British
Affiliation British Government
Family Unknown
Occupation Government PA
Behind the scenes
Appearances Sherlock

Mrs. Vivian Norbury was a woman who spent her working life working for the British Government/security services as a PA. She is an enemy of Sherlock Holmes and Mary Watson.

Biography Edit

Vivian is first seen sitting in the corner of Lady Smallwood's office. She is used in Sherlock's example, and is asked what she would be doing at the weekend. She is shown to be a sweet old lady here.

At the end of the episode, Vivian is revealed to be the villain, and explains to Sherlock, Lestrade, Watson and Mary that she was the English woman who betrayed the secret services. At the end of the episode, she pulls out a gun in an attempt to shoot Sherlock, as the bullet travels, Mary steps in front of the bullet and is shot in the chest and killed. Vivian is arrested immediately.

Personality Edit

Initially, Vivian is shown to be very sweet and quiet, and a little absent-minded, but just as she is confronted, she is revealed to be treacherous and a possible alcoholic. She has at least three cats and also can be quite immature. Vivian is described by Sherlock as clever. She is a very jealous woman.

Quotes Edit

"I'm just here for the fish..."
―Vivian to Sherlock [src]
"I just wanted some peace and clarity."
―Vivian to Sherlock [src]
"Just a little peace. That's all you wanted, wasn't it? A family? A home? Really, I understand. So, just let me get out of here, alright?"
―Vivian to Mary [src]

Trivia Edit

  • She lives in a flat on Wickmore Street, where the pavement has been taken up.
  • Vivian owns a cottage.
  • She is widowed.
  • She owns two Burmese
  • She owns three cats: two Burmese and a turtle shell cat.
  • She loves the aquarium.
  • She has a drinking problem.
  • She drinks wine.

Appearances Edit

Sherlock Edit

Season four Edit

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