Victor Nardin
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Born American
Behind the scenes
Appearances "One Way to Get Off",

"Tremors" (mentioned)

Portrayed by Stivi Paskoski

Victor Nardin is an ex-convict who was suspected to be a serial killer.

When a pair of murders committed in a similar fashion to the killings Wade Crewes committed occurs, Sherlock Holmes looks in the case-files, and finds him. Sherlock notes the Chechen Football affiliation tattoos, and is able to find out what hotel he is staying in. He then finds out what room he is in by calling the hotel and impersonating a bell boy. Sherlock goes to the hotel room and notes the disarray. He also notices the carpet was pulled up and finds a gun beneath the floorboards.

After another crime occurs, Sherlock and Watson show up at the scene. This time there is a third victim who stumbled upon the crime. Sherlock points his finger towards the third victim while covering each eye. Thomas Gregson says that a witness saw the killer drops cigarettes that have Victor's DNA on them. He is apologetic to Sherlock, telling him that Crewes may not be guilty, but Sherlock tells him that he might have been right. 

When Nardin is brought in, Sherlock beans him with an orange, then says that he is not guilty. He states that he can tell Victor is blind in one eye, by the way his stuff is arranged and the tennis ball marks on the ceiling, made while exercising depth perception. Sherlock concludes that Victor could have not shot the third victim with his vision. He also points out that the cigarettes found at the scene were ground out, rather than stomped out, meaning that they were taken from his ashtray. 

Victor Nardin is briefly mentioned later in season 2 episode "Tremors". While under review, a number of break-ins where mentioned, one of them being Victor Nardin's apartment.  

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