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  • I live in Brno, Czech Republic (have done since 1995)
  • My occupation is English teacher (also since 1995)
  • Jiskran

    As this is such a massive theme in its potential permutations, spanning over a century and a quarter and reaching into all corners of the globe in its manifestations, should the wiki have a list, possibly a Top Ten list, of where the users feel work would be most useful?

    I just feel that, as this wiki (for example) seems to prioritise 'Sherlock' over 'Elementary', it might be useful to be able to encourage those who want to help but don't have a particular preference, to guide them towards where their aid is most appreciated. Likewise things which, however fascinating, are short off-shoots of the main themes may well get overlooked, and being able to draw people's attention to them might help. Just a thought.

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