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It is the year of Sherlock!! We can barely wait for the new series to start airing in the U.S., but even better news is that BBC's Sherlock is continuing for TWO more series! Benedict Cumberbatch said before that there would be a Series 4, but now creator Steven Moffat says that he and co-creator Mark Gatiss are already at work on the next two series!

According to Hypable, Moffat said, "...we [Moffat and Gatiss] just started plotting out what we could do in the future...And we plotted out the whole of series four and five.” He then goes on to say, “The ideas we had that day, I thought were the best we’ve ever had.”

We don't know if it will be another long wait for the fourth series, but WE ARE EXTREMELY EXCITED FOR IT!! How about you, Sherlock fans? Sound off in the comments below!

Are you ready for two more series of Sherlock?

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Source: Hypable

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