• Fruipit

    Okay, this is a blog post in regards to a few comments I've had on here. To start off, nice and short, yes, I employ and Auto Wiki Browser (hereby shortened to AWB), and no, it's not a bot.

    Now, for the long version.

    For those of you who don't know, and AWB is a program available on Windows that allows for faster edits. While it does work similar to a bot, it is not actually a bot. When using an AWB, the user has to double-check all edits made so that it doesn't make changes that are actually unwanted or wrong (as can happen with bots, as it's all automated –> see here).

    For some reason, despite this being a wikia, people hate me using wikipedia as a source. Regardless, I'm going to quote their page on AWBing and what it means for a wiki.

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