Hello again,

It's me, Felix. Just another case that I remembered and didn't want to lose; it would really help if I had a Watson of my own...

There had been several incidents at my school concerning theft. Everything that was stolen was taken unseen with no-one seeing the culpirt yet they had barely any time to leave the scene befoer people arrived.

i was hired on this case by one of the girls in my class. Her necklace had been taken from her bag on the floor, yet no-one had walked up to her. She was incredibly confused and decided to consult my opinion on the case.

After going through the evidence and trying to peice together a pattern, I came to one conculsion; it was time for a stake out.

I snuck back into school at lunch, the time that our theif had been most active. Planting my watch in the centre of the room, I watched and waited.

Soon there was a sound a little like footsteps, but more... swishy. I was surprised but didn't want to blow my cover so I stayed put. Pulling my camera from my pocket I turned it on silently, waiting for the culprit to appear.

A flash of white, just outside my vision, attracted my attention and provided a conclusion. Thinking on my feet (well, my stomach) I threw part of my lunch across the floor and stopped the theif in his tracks. He stopped to nibble on the orange vegetable I'd chucked allowing me to pick him up and return him to his owner.

The less intelligent members of society may not have put 2 and 2 together and realised that our theif was actually an escaped rabbit, named Houndini by his owners for his talent at escaping. Houndini had an unfortunate liking of shiny things, something called the magpie syndrome. I retreived all stolen articles (including my watch) and peace was restored.

Thanks for reading folks; if you need a case solving I'm always here! 

(Well, unless I'm at school...)

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