My name's Felix. Not actually, but this is my character name. The author is actually a girl. Weird, huh?

Anyway. I'm a detective. A junior detective, you might say. I'm only a child (just). 

It's happened again! The author has made me older than she is. Well, imagination knows no bounds, eh?

So. This, if you haven't bothered to read the title, is The Case of The Missing Watch. My first ever case. 

Allow me to tell you all about it...

It was just a regular school day. I trudged to school hoping that I'd remembered everything, inculding lunch. (It's surprsingly easy to forget!) I'd double and triple checked my rucksack and I was feeling confident when I saw this boy sitting on the kerb. I walked up to him, as you do, and asked what was wrong. He explained that he'd lost his watch, the one thing that he had left of his parents. Now I'm not the sentimental type (it's a chemical defect found on the losing side, in case you didn't know) and I was going to walk on when I thought, 'Hey! This could be a case for me to solve!' 

The boy had told me that no one had come near his cabinet overnight so it must have gone missing in the morning. He had it on his wrist on his way to school but had realised halfway there that it was gone. He walked back and checked until he was late, but he couldn't find it and had given up. I asked about his route and he wrote it down on my maths book for me. I spotted immediately that the area he'd unfortunately walked through was being ruled over by none other than Bigginton Bill, the pickpocket. I retraced the boy's steps and lo and behold, there was Bill, sitting in a doorway attepmting to sell the watch. 

I walked up to Bill and took the watch from him. The boy got it back, I got into trouble for being late and destroying my maths book and the case was solved.

Need anything solving? Just ask me!


Felix Swift. 

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