Boy, 18, kills himself inside sports centre

by Aileen Hickey

 crime correspondent

The body of James Phillimore was found in the Norbridge sports centre. The police are describing his death as a suicide and have apparently ruled out foul play. His body was found at seven o'clock this morning. He was last seen the previous evening. He told a friend he was returning to his house to fetch an umbrella, and was not seen again. James - Jimmy to his friends - was a first year student at the Roland Kerr further education college, and worked nights at a garage to finance his education. His mother is being treated for shock, while his uncle described him as "The last person in the world to commit suicide. A gentle, lovely boy. This isn't possible." James was last seen by his best friend, Gary Jenkins. Gary described himself as "shocked and bewildered. I was out with him, we were going to meet friends. He just went back for his umbrella and then he does this! I don't understand it."

and this is repeated again and again all over the page...

1000px-James phillimore newspaper article

the article

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