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    by Robbie Fraser

    THE future of Scotland Yard’s Chief is once again plunged into uncertainty after one of the most audacious robberies in the capital’s history failed to provide and (any?) leads.

    The investigation, Detectives admit, has stalled after only a matter of day and the Forensic Science Service have been unable to furnish the investigators with any meaningful evidence.

    DCI Lestrade looked visibly shaken and tense in a press conference that disintegrated into a farce as he was unable to provide any meaningful

    DCI Lestrade looked visibly shaken and tense in a press conference that di…

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    news article from fall

    January 14, 2015 by Bigeyes

    NOT COMPLETE....yet

    Turner masterpiece recovered by ‘amateur’

    Scotland Yard embarrased by overlooked clues'.

    A Turner masterpiece worth £1.7million that was stolen from an auction house ten days ago has been recovered by an amateur detective from North Londo

    n. Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street has been investigating the art crime simply as a hobby, and yet he was able to follow the trail that lead him to the famous work – a trail that Scotland Yard missed completely. Sherlock Holmes has gained cult following following the publication of his website – The Sci-ce of Deduction-but thr number of hits[offscreen]

    ==Scotland Yard calls upon 'nation's favourite detective' in Moriarty trail==

    Jenette Owen

    In a twist worthy of a Conan Doyle novella, Mr. She…

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    The web detectives

    Hatman and his assistant have became the latest Internet sensation.

    Since moving in together, the pair of confirmed bachelors have helped bumbling police chiefs with a number of high-profile cases. From a killer psycho taxi driver to the murder of ePeopleis Presenteri [sic] Connie Prince, they've often succeeded where the Met has failed.

    Little is known about Sherlock himself but John, 37, is believed to have been a war hero in Afghanistan. Now, the brave soldier has turned from fighter to writer. His blog, www., has become an overnight sensation. It details the cases he and Sherlock have solved n [sic] and also reveals the salacious truth about their home life!

    (The third through last lines of the final pa…

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    Boy, 18, kills himself inside sports centre

    by Aileen Hickey

     crime correspondent

    The body of James Phillimore was found in the Norbridge sports centre. The police are describing his death as a suicide and have apparently ruled out foul play. His body was found at seven o'clock this morning. He was last seen the previous evening. He told a friend he was returning to his house to fetch an umbrella, and was not seen again. James - Jimmy to his friends - was a first year student at the Roland Kerr further education college, and worked nights at a garage to finance his education. His mother is being treated for shock, while his uncle described him as "The last person in the world to commit suicide. A gentle, lovely boy. This isn't possible." Jame…

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