Ubanghi River
Vital statistics
Location Central Africa
Position River
Capital Bangui
Appearances "The Devil's Foot"

The Ubangi, or Ubanghi, is a river in central Africa, a tributary of the Congo River. It formed the border between the French and Belgian Congo.

Canon apperances

"The Adventure of the Devil's Foot"

Dr Leon Sterndale, the famous hunter and explorer, traveled through the jungles of Ubangi country in his travels. On this trip he collected many rare and strange objects, including a powder of radix pedis diaboli, or "devil's foot", a rare plant wuth a root resembling a goat's hoof. The powdered root had terrifying hallucinogenic powers capable of inducing such great fear when burned as to cause madness or death. It was allegedly used used by native shamans as an ordeal drug. Dr Sterndale believed his sample was the only one in Europe outside of Budapest; however, it was stolen by Mortimer Tregennis, who used it to murder his family. As it was unknown to European science Tregennis expected the crime would not be discovered, and indeed it might have gone unsolved without Sherlock Holmes' involvement.

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