Tunbridge Wells
Tunbridge Wells
Vital statistics
Location Kent, England
Position Town
Appearances The Valley of Fear

Tunbridge Wells was a prosperous resort town in west Kent, England. It was located on the border with Sussex, and on the north edge of the Weald. The village of Birlstone and its associated manor house were located about ten miles west of the town, across the Sussex border.

The Valley of Fear

John Douglas, of Birlstone Manor, went into Tunbridge Wells the day before he was murdered, and had returned visibly disturbed. During the investigation into Douglas' death Inspector Alec MacDonald investigates the town to discover the owner of a bicycle found outside the manor house. The manager of the Eagle Commercial in Tunbridge Wells identifies its owner as a man had arrived at his inn two days before, and checked in under the name "Hargrave". Though Hargrave apparently came from London, he was obviously an American. He had gone out the day of the murder and never returned, leaving behind his valise and other belongings in his room. After Sherlock Holmes reveals that Douglas is actually alive, he explains that the corpse found in the house was in fact that of Hargrave, whose real name Douglas reveals to be Ted Baldwin. Douglas had recognized Baldwin in Tunbridge Wells, and realized he had been sent by the Scowrers to kill him. When Baldwin broke into Birlstone House that night, the two struggled over Baldwin's shotgun, and the intruder was shot in the face. This was the reason Baldwin had never returned to his rooms in town.


  • This town's name today is Royal Tunbridge Wells. It received the "Royal" prefix from King Edward VII in 1909, who granted it royal patronage to recognize its popularity with the Royal Family.

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