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Vital statistics
Sex Male
Born Andaman Islands
Died 1888
London, England
Nationality Andaman Islander
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Sign of the Four

Tonga is the diminutive and loyal companion of Jonathan Small and serves as a minor antagonist in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel The Sign of the Four‎‎.

History Edit

Not much is known about Tonga's life prior to being saved by Jonathan Smalls, other than the fact that he's indigenous to the Andaman Islands.

Jonathan's act of saving the native's life forever cemented the loyalty of Tonga and he helped Jonathan escape the island by boat as a result. Over the years, Jonathan states that he and Tonga embarked on many adventures across the globe, searching for the stolen treasure as well as trying to get by. Jonathan shamefully admits to using Tonga as a sideshow attraction, due to his small size and exotic appearance.

Eventually, Jonathan was able to track down his lost treasure in the home of Bartholomew Sholto and had Tonga climb up to the roof and drop down a rope for Jonathan to use. However, Tonga had unexpectedly assassinated Bartholomew through the use of a poison dart, which angered Jonathan, much to Tonga's surprise. With the treasure in hand, they escaped the estate and he rented a steam launch with the intent of connecting to a larger ship bound to South America.

Sherlock Holmes was able to track them down before they could escape and after a brief chase along the River Thames, Tonga was fatally shot by Dr Watson, although his body fell into the river and was not recovered. 

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