• What could be the possible family tree for the Baskervilles. I understand that not much is given but most of the tree could be made.

    I know that Charles Baskerville's father is not mentioned but his resemblance to Rodger(II)'s younger brother who was Hugo(II)'s son. So then who is Rodger(I)? And then who's son could Henry Baskerville be?

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    • Rodger is related to Stapleton

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    • I think it goes like this:

      Hugo (who died in the manuscript)

      Son: Hugo 2 (Wrote Manuscript)

      Childen: Rodger John and Elizabeth

      Somewhere this generation is born: Rodger 2, Sir Charles (recent death) and ?

      ?'s: Son is Sir Henry

      Rodger 2's Son: I think is Jack Stapleton

      Please don't quote me though!

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