• Hello, everyone. :-)

    Probably my first time posting anything on a Wikia discussion forum. Some of you might have noticed I've been expanding the coverage of the 1984-1994 series on the wiki since November. I'd appreciate some feedback on the overall effort, and what you'd like to see in the near future.

    To date, I've covered the bare essentials in the articles for all the series' existing episodes (i.e. lead-in, infobox + title card screenshot for most episodes, episode cast list, filming locations), created and expanded several character, actor and location pages related to the series, and also added some basic behind the scenes notes where appropriate. Currently, I'm planning to finish any information still missing from the series' character, actor and location profiles. I'm also thinking of expanding some of the behind the scenes notes, especially in the series' primary article. Patrick Gowers music for the series is a minor topic I'd wanted to cover for a few weeks now, so I might get to it once I finish the rest of the stuff. I'll then move on to slowly writing down the basic synopsis of each episode (content-wise, the eps are largely the exact same as their source material, so I don't find the synopses that urgent for now).

    Feel free to provide ongoing feedback, including suggestions.

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    • Hia, I'm afraid I don't have much feedback for you except to say thanks for all your recent work on the wiki, it's nice to see the Granada Holmes series getting more attention.

      The only suggestion I'd give is to contribute on subjects that interest you, as you're much more likely to carry on with it and enjoy it that way. Your current plans sound great. :)

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    • Oh, one suggestion I do have, since the series is so faithful to canon, maybe focus on any changes they did make rather than the plot? I'm not that familiar with the Granada series so I'm just assuming they made some changes.

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    • Hello. Thank you for the kind words. :-)

      I'm currently completing most of the core articles (today I finished the info on the series' music) and I'll be moving back to gradually covering the individual episodes again. I still need to add a synopsis to each article. As an extended part of that, I'll also be adding a separate "comparison with the Canon" section, which will follow the one with the synopsis.

      The basic structure for a finished episode article will be: Lead-in (+ infobox), Synopsis, Differences from the Canon, Cast, Filming Locations, Trivia, Images, See Also, References, Sources / External Links (haven't settled on a name for this last one).

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    • Sounds good. I'd go with External Links - that's what we've used in the past, and any sources would be in references wouldn't they?

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    • Exactly, it would be too easily confused with References.

      I've partly used "Sources" in some of the episode articles before, just because someone started it that way, but I've always leaned towards External links. I'm going to unify the whole thing as External links, to keep it consistent with the rest of the wikia and some of the core articles I've already created.

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    • Amateur Obsessive wrote: Sounds good. I'd go with External Links - that's what we've used in the past, and any sources would be in references wouldn't they?

      Just a minor question about external links: Can I also link to this site ? It has fairly detailed overviews of the Canon and many of the adaptations.

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