• Hello Wiki community - Amateur Obsessive and I were thinking we ought to update the wiki badges to be something a little more relevant to our theme. It'd add a little more color and flair and be fun in general. I've come up with some preliminary ideas for discussion, but I'd really like to hear what ideas other people have. I'd like them to be kind of fun, topic-relevant and extra points for cleverness! The main set of badges should be based on the canon since they're site-wide. BUT there's also an option to activate a set of badges specifically for Sherlock pages (or Elementary, etc.) that are essentially the same as the editing ones, and give them unique titles, so if somebody has any ideas for those please share them too! (Items in parentheses, by the way, are ideas for badge pictures.) telane (talk) 01:16, March 30, 2016 (UTC)

    EDITING Making a Difference = The Game is Afoot! (Deerstalker) / Just the Beginning = Meddler / Making Your Mark = Busybody / Friend of the Wiki = Baker Street Irregular / Collaborator - Detective Inspector (Lestrade) / Wiki Builder = Napoleon of Wikians (Napoleon) / Wiki Leader = Prolific Writer (Watson) / Wiki Expert = The Great Detective (Holmes Silhouette)

    PICTURES Snapshot = Childish drawings (Dancing Man illustration) / Paparazzi = Sketch artist (Sketchy picture) / Illustrator = Illustrator (Sidney Paget) / Collector = Baskerville Portraits (portrait of a cavalier) / Art Lover = Portrait of Irene (Irene) / Decorator = Art in the Blood / Designer = La Jeune Fille (Girl With Lamb by Greuze) / Curator = ???

    CATEGORIES Make a Connection - Another for the Index (index cards) / Trail Blazer = Features of Interest / Explorer = Filling the Attic / Tour Guide = Guiding Light (Barrymore With Candle) / Navigator = Bloodhound (Picture of Toby) / Bridge Builder = Lost Without My Boswell / Wiki Planner = The Science of Deduction

    BLOG POST Something To Say = Published (The Strand Magazine)

    BLOG COMMENT Opinionator = Put That In Your Pipe / And One More Thing - Elementary!

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