The Welsborough Family
Sherlock (2010)
Vital statistics
Sex Charlie Welsborough (Son)
Nationality British
Family Unknown
Occupation Cabinet minister (Husband)
Behind the scenes
Appearances Sherlock

The Welsborough family are a husband, wife and son who appear in Series Four's "The Six Thatchers" as one of the cases Sherlock takes on whilst waiting for Moriarty to make his move.

The case is one of Greg Lestrade's that he brings to Sherlock once he becomes stuck and is unable to solve it. In flashback we see that the parents are throwing a celebration at their home to mark his 50th birthday party but the son, Charlie, is not in attendance. The husband then gets a video Skype call from the son who is in Tibet near some snowy mountains.

The video part of the call breaks up and it continues as just an audio call, where the son asks his father to go outside and take a picture of his car ornament in order to solve abet he's having with his friends. The father takes the picture and the call ends. A week later a drunk driver, attempting to flee the Police chasing him, enters the family property and hits the son's parked car which explodes.

When the police examine the car after the fire is out, they find that the son's dead body inside.The police order an autopsy which puts his death at a week ago, on the night of the fire.