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The Sign of Four

Series 4,

Air Date December 29, 1987
Writer John Hawkesworth
Director Peter Hammond
Previous "The Six Napoleons"
Next "The Devil's Foot"

The Sign of Four is a feature-length episode of Sherlock Holmes, aired between the third and fourth series, based on the eponymous novel.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes
Edward Hardwicke Doctor Watson
Robin Hunter Major Sholto
Alf Joint McMurdo
John Thaw Jonathan Small
Jenny Seagrove Miss Mary Morstan
Kiran Shah Tonga
Rosalie Williams Mrs Hudson
Derek Deadman Williams
Ronald Lacey Thaddeus & Bartholomew Sholto
Ishaq Bux Lal Chowder
Terence Skelton Captain Arthur Morstan
Marjorie Sudell Mrs Bernstone
Emrys James Inspector Athelney Jones
Gordon Gostelow Sherman
Lila Kaye Mrs Mordecai Smith
William Ash Jack Smith
Courtney Roper-Knight Wiggins
Tommy Wright Boatyard Workman
Dave Atkins Mordecai Smith
Badi Uzzaman Kartar Singh
Tommy Wright Achmet
Ravinder Singh Reyett Jagodish Singh

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