"The Photographer's Chair"

Series 01, Episode 03

The Photographer's Chair
Air Date 11 September, 2001
Writer Unknown
Director Unknown
Viewers Unknown
Previous "The Patient's Eyes"
Next "The Kingdom of Bones"
The Photographer's Chair is the third episode of the BBC mini-series, Murder Rooms, which was broadcast on 11 September, 2001.

The series followed a young Arthur Conan Doyle as he worked cases with Joseph Bell, the man on whom Sherlock Holmes is based.

Summary Edit

Dr Doyle has a strange encounter supposedly with his deceased fiancée, Elspeth, while attending a séance. This leaves him depressed and pining for her even more.

Unfortunately for him, the serial killer he and Dr Bell have been investigating intends to reunite him with her in the not so distant future.


  • The concept of the episode ties in with Conan Doyle's own real-life spiritualism.

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