The Mazarin Stone

Series 7, Episode 5

SHG title card The Mazarin Stone
Air Date April 4, 1994
Writer Gary Hopkins
Director Peter Hammond
Previous "The Red Circle"
Next "The Cardboard Box"

The Mazarin Stone is the fifth episode of the seventh series of Sherlock Holmes, based on the eponymous short story. However, the plot also includes elements of The Adventure of the Three Garridebs.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes
Edward Hardwicke Doctor Watson
Charles Gray Mycroft Holmes
Rosalie Williams Mrs Hudson
Phyllis Calvert Agnes Garrideb
Barbara Hicks Emily Garrideb
Jon Finch Count Sylvius
James Villiers Lord Cantlemere
Denis Lill Inspector Bradstreet
Gavan O'Herlihy John Garrideb / James Winter
Helen Ryan Princess of Wales
Richard Caldicot Nathan Garrideb
Harry Landis Ikey Sanders
Michael Wynne Commissionaire Jenkins

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