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"The Marchioness"

Season 2, Episode 7

The Marchioness
Air Date 7 November, 2013
Writer Craig Sweeney
Christopher Hollier
Director Sanaa Hamri
Viewers 8.89 million (U.S.)[1]
Previous "An Unnatural Arrangement"
Next "Blood is Thicker"
"The Marchioness" is the seventh episode of season two of Elementary. It first aired on CBS on 7 November, 2013.

Summary Edit

Sherlock's brother, Mycroft, arrives in New York and enlists Sherlock's help with a case involving his former fiancé, Nigella. Investigating the murder of Nigella's current lover outside of the stable where Nigella keeps her expensive stud. Searching the scene, Sherlock finds a set of four fingerprints leading to a cartel hitman, El Mecanico. Discovering Nigella's horse is an imposter, Sherlock saves Nigella's life, and investigates El Mecanico. After reviewing tapes, Sherlock zones in on a suspect with four fingers, but his prints don't match those found at the scene. They realise that El Mecanico had taken the prints off of his first victim – a homeless man he buried in the park years ago. Using Nigella as bait, NYPD captures El Mecanico, and Sherlock and Mycroft force Nigella to pay back victims of her scam. Meanwhile, Sherlock has difficulty accepting that Joan and Mycroft slept together while in London.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Regulars Edit

Guest Stars Edit

  • Rhys IfansMycroft Holmes
  • Olivia D'Abo – Nigella Mason
  • Andrew Samonsky – El Mecanico
  • Orlagh Cassidy – Maris
  • Phyllis Somerville – Miriam Berg
  • Joe Forbrich – Brad Scheff
  • Lucas Salvagno – Addict
  • Christopher Tocco – Will
  • Jane Pfitsch – Lisanne
  • Ken Marks – Chairman

Allusions Edit

Trivia Edit

  • "Marchioness" is the title in Great Britain and Ireland which is the equivalent of "Marquise" elsewhere in Europe - the female form of "Marquess" or "Marquise".

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