The Hound of the Baskervilles
(Part One, Part Two)

Series 2, Episode 4 & 5

Air Date September 23, 1968
October 7, 1968
Writer Hugh Leonard (dramatisation)
Director Graham Evans
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Previous "A Study in Scarlet"
Next "The Boscombe Valley Mystery"

The Hound of the Baskervilles is the fourth and fifth episode of the second series of the BBC's 1960s TV series Sherlock Holmes. This two-part episode is based on the eponymous novel.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Peter Cushing Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Stock Doctor Watson
Gary Raymond Sir Henry Baskerville
Gabriella Licudi Beryl Stapleton
Philip Bond Stapleton
Gerald Flood Sir Hugo Baskerville
Ballard Berkeley Sir Charles Baskerville
David Leland Dr. Mortimer
George Howe Squire Frankland
Christopher Burgess Barrymore
June Watson Mrs. Barrymore
Penelope Lee Laura Lyons
David Trevena hotel manager
Bob Harris coachman
Alan Meadows servant
Susan Lefton girl
Tony Rohr convict
Edward Higgins landlord

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