The Eligible Bachelor

Series 6, Episode 3

SHG title card The Elligible Bachelor
Air Date February 3, 1993
Writer Trevor Bowen (T. R. Bowen)
Director Peter Hammond
Previous "The Last Vampyre"
Next "The Three Gables"

The Eligible Bachelor is the feature-lenghth third episode of the sixth series of Sherlock Holmes, based on the short story The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes
Edward Hardwicke Doctor Watson
Rosalie Williams Mrs Hudson
Geoffrey Beevers Inspector Montgomery
Simon Williams Lord Robert St. Simon
Paris Jefferson Henrietta Doran
Anna Calder-Marshall Lady Helena / Agnes Northcote
Mary Ellis Lady Florence
Phillida Sewell Lady Mary
Elspeth March Lady Blanche
Heather Chasen Hon. Amelia St. Simon
Bob Sessions Aloysius Doran
Joanna McCallum Flora Miller
Myles Hoyle Thomas Floutier
Bruce Myers Gallagher
Tres Hanley Alice
Joyce Grundy Esther
Robin Hart Oswald
Peter Graves George Tidy
Peter Warnock Moulton
Don Blaylock butler
Aubrey Phillips waiter
Vincent Worth stage doorkeeper

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