The Copper Beeches

Series 1, Episode 3

Air Date March 6, 1965
Writer Vincent Tilsley (script)
Anthony Read (script editor)
Director Gareth Davies
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Previous "The Devil's Foot"
Next "The Red-Headed League"

The Copper Beeches is the third episode of the first series of the BBC's 1960s TV series Sherlock Holmes. The episode is based on the eponymous short story.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Douglas Wilmer Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Stock Doctor Watson
Patrick Wymark Jephro Rucastle
Suzanne Neve Violet Hunter
Alethea Charlton Mrs. Rucastle
Michael Robbins Mr. Toller
Margaret Diamond Mrs. Toller
Paul Harris Mr. Fowler
Sheila Keith Miss Stoper
Norma Vogan Alice Rucastle
Anna Perry Miss Thompson
Gary Mason Edward Rucastle
Ross Clear page boy

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