The Case of the Virtual Zeus

Season 04, Episode 04

Air Date 5 March 2000
Previous The Case of the Vanishing Virus
Next The Basket Case

The Case of the Virtual Zeus is the fourth episode of the fourth season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 5 March 2000 .


Shirley and Bo, as well as returned Matt, search for this Zeus who heads Kaeon. To reach their goal they also have to turn to Prof. Pauling and even Molly Hardy who's wanted by Kaeon for a top position.

While Shirley does her usual stuff, the rest of the students organize a protest against the school and Kaeon to get back math. This puts leaders Bo and Bart also on Keaon 'wanted'-list. Kidnapped by Kaeon's people they finally meet Caitlin, one part of the puzzle. Matt and Shirley then figure out the main part of it ...

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