The Case of the Vanishing Virus

Season 04, Episode 03

Air Date 27 February 2000
Previous The Case of the Dead Debutante
Next The Case of the Virtual Zeus

The Case of the Vanishing Virus is the third episode of the fourth season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 27 February 2000.


At the laboratory (where Mrs. Holmes serves as director) one of the last existing ampoules of deadly poxviruses are stolen, with the note 'Science Kills'. Mrs. Holmes finds herself a suspect, mainly also because dhe doesn't want to tell her whereabouts between leaving the laboratory and returning home.

And she's not the only one having secrets, also Mr. Holmes is full of them. This mystery-mongering doesn't do any good to the Holmes' family life and Shirley suffers under this. Nevertheless she investigates the robbery and tries to figure out why.

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