The Case of the Mystery Child

Season 1, Episode 08

The Case of the Mystery Child
Air Date 25 June 1997
Previous The Case of the Maestro's Ghost
Next The Case of the King of Hearts

The Case of the Mystery Child is the eighth episode of the first season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 25 June 1997.

Summary Edit

On his death bed, noted Egyptologist Sir Edward Stebbings gives Peggy Holmes an ancient toy and half a note written in hieroglyphics and tells her to piece it together with the other half of the message he gave her 40 years earlier.

Sir Edward's sons are convinced that the completed message will reveal the whereabouts of Egyptian artifacts their father stole from pharaohs' tombs and hid in Canada. Shirley doesn't know what the old man's dying message meant, but decides to find out before the archaeologists' greedy children can lay their hands on whatever it may be. - Written by David Bassler

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