The Case of the Mischievous Poltergeist

Season 02, Episode 09

Air Date 2 March 1998
Previous The Case of the Missing Marbles
Next The Case of the Left Thumbprint

The Case of the Mischievous Poltergeist is the ninth episode of the second season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 2 March 1998.

Summary Edit

Bart James's 12th birthday party is a big success when he and his friends are visited by a poltergeist.

Bart believes that they have met the manifestation of his family's gardener who was fired during the 1930s, but Shirley wonders if the phantom may not be the spirit of a spinster who was boarding with the James's at that time and who disappeared, never to be seen again. - Written by David Bassler

Full plot Edit

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