The Case of the Miracle Mine

Season 03, Episode 12

Air Date 30 November 1998
Previous The Case of the Ten Dollar Thief
Next The Case of the Forbidden Mountain

The Case of the Miracle Mine is the twelfth episode of the third season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 30 November 1998 .


At a meeting for potential investors for a Rwandan ruby mine, Bo and Shirley face off at opposite sides when she attends the meeting (for obvious reasons) and Bo protests with others against child labour practices (children are used as mine workers there).

At the meeting then an expensive ruby disappears and Mr. Crawford, the presenter, blames (and sues) the 'Child Justice' group for this incident. To find out more Shirley also relies on Pierre's help back in Rwanda - and gets a clue that her mother might still be alive ...

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