The Case of the Maestro's Ghost

Season 1, Episode 07

The Case of the Maestro's Ghost
Air Date 18 June 1997
Previous The Case of the Blazing Star
Next The Case of the Mystery Child

The Case of the Maestro's Ghost is the seventh episode of the first season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 18 June 1997.

Summary Edit

Stink tells his classmates a ghost story concerning a former Sussex Academy student who disappeared the night before an international piano recital and never seen again.

According to Stink, the young woman's ghost can be heard crying in the attic on moonless nights. Molly Hardy, about to compete in the same event, dismisses the tale as pure fiction until she and her friends are confronted by ghostly music and nocturnal screams. When Molly goes missing, too, Shirley researches the events that occurred sixty years to go to see if there is a link between the disappearances.

Full plot Edit

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