The Case of the King of Hearts

Season 1, Episode 09

Air Date 2 July 1997
Previous The Case of the Mystery Child
Next The Case of the Exact Change

The Case of the King of Hearts} is the ninth episode of the first season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 2 July 1997.


Ms. Stratmann, the head teacher of Sussex Academy, laughing? Happy? Enjoying school life? After Shirley has rejected body snatching as an explanation, she starts investigating the raid changes in Ms Statmann's behaviour. No wonder she's happy - she's in love with this Brian guy, and the two of them are planning to go abroad for good!

Sounds fine until she and Bo discover that Brian's a con artist, hoping to absond with the money from the sale of Ms Statman's house.Her designated successor is Mr. Kemp, a principal from hell (at least in students' eyes). Mr. Kemp was fired sometime ago from Molly's old school - based on her initiative against him.. This forces her to work with Shirley and Bo to make sure Ms. Stratmann stays but the three disagree on how best to break up the romance before Ms. Stratmann is fleeced of her life savings.

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