The Case of the Hidden Heart

Season 04, Episode 11

Air Date 23 April 2000
Previous The Case of the Desperate Dancer
Next The Case of the King Arthur's Alibi

The Case of the Hidden Heart is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 23 April 2000 .


Shirley scores higher than Molly on a test and when She and Bo try to tease her about it she seems too distracted to care after ending a phone call just before.

Is Sociopath Molly Hardy sociopathic no more? Thinking there's something fishy Shirley and with Bo follows Molly - and discovers two things: first Molly-2 - actually Elise - who as Molly's "student" is a dead ringer for her, and Foxglove, Molly's beloved(!) horse.

But Foxglove's fate is sealed when his strange behavior leads to only one conclusion: rabies. Shirley and Bo however think that can't be true and think that this is someone else's revenge plan on Molly. This is proven right when they discover that someone tampered with the lab report.

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