The Case of the Golden Cave

Season 02, Episode 11

Air Date 16 March 1998
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The Case of the Golden Cave is the eleventh episode of the second season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 16 March 1998.


A Sussex Academy camping trip takes a disastrous turn when the lead character in Stink's ghost story about the hook-handed pirate who founded Reddington is all too corporeal. In the woods for an orienteering excursion, Parker injures his leg. With Ms. Stratmann (who takes Parker to the hospital) gone now the children scatter into the woods.

Molly nevertheless wants to complete the orienteering course they were there for so she can qualify for the world championships, and Stink wants to scare her. Shirley and Bart discover that Parker's stumbling was no accident and investigate. They find some sort of cover-up related to the story of Horace Reding, a pirate who had died there 200 years ago.And Bo and Alicia run into a stranger who seems to be the source of all the strange things.

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