The Case of the Dragon's Breath

Season 04, Episode 13

Air Date 7 May 2000
Previous The Case of the King Arthur's Alibi
Next You're at the last episode

The Case of the Dragon's Breath is the thirteenth and last episode of the fourth season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 7 May 2000. This is the last episode of the show.


Bo is sucked into a real life adventure game.

Shirley's final case ... with Bo, who announces he will return to the Ukraine to finish school there. And it's a reluctant case since Shirley - or more precisely Bo - is forced into it.

It's a Dragon game, with Bo as kind of a lab rat: after a visit at the movies he finds a statue with an 'order' attached; if he doesn't follow he'll get 'punished'. And indeed when he dismisses this as a joke his bike suddenly was declared stolen.

So he follows the order to search a key. When he then refuses to continue, his father is arrested. So there's nothing else than to continue, with Shirley, to search for objects he's ordered to ...

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