The Case of the Broken Oath

Season 02, Episode 13

Air Date 30 March 1998
Previous The Case of the Patron Saint
Next The Case of the Celestial Signal

The Case of the Broken Oath is the thirteenth and last episode of the second season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 30 March 1998.


Bo's cousin Zack is the lead singer for "Oath", the hottest new band in Reddington. In the past two weeks, they've scored numerous gigs, arranged for a television appearance and signed a record deal.

But something's fishy, somehow the band and the mysterious internet guy 'Wy' knows things in advance: a cancelled gig by an other band (due to poisoning) in favor of 'Oath' or an accident and there's the song 'Oath' is apparently blackailed into singing.

Shirley likes Zack and loves his music, but can't shake the feeling that someone is sabotaging other bands to clear the way for Oath's rapid ascent to stardom. - Written by David Bassler

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