The Case of the Alien Abductions

Season 1, Episode 05

The Case of the Alien Abductions
Air Date 4 June 1997
Previous The Case of the Precious Cargo
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The Case of the Alien Abductions is the fifth episode of the first season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, that originally aired on 4 June 1997.


Down to earth Shirley has never been convinced by Bart's theory about the future invasion of Redington by Aliens... but there seems to be an awful lot of mysterious coincidences one after another, as well as three people claiming to have been abducted.

As the puzzle deepens, Shirley struggles to work out the connection between the red welts on each abductee's neck, the three toed footprints she finds in the woods, and the stories of dazzling white lights and little grey figures. The truth is out there, all right - but can Shirley find it before there is a serious accident.

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