The Boscombe Valley Mystery

Series 2, Episode 6

Air Date October 14, 1968
Writer Bruce Stewart (dramatisation)
Director Viktors Ritelis
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Previous "The Hound of the Baskervilles"
Next "The Greek Interpreter"

The Boscombe Valley Mystery is the sixth episode of the second series of the BBC's 1960s TV series Sherlock Holmes. This episode is based on the eponymous short story.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Peter Cushing Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Stock Doctor Watson
John Tate John Turner
Nick Tate James McCarthy
Jack Woolgar Moran
Michael Godfrey inspector Lanner
Heather Kyd Alice Turner
Peter Madden Bill McCarthy
Victor Brooks Cowper
Caroline Ellis Patience Moran
Gertan Klauber fat man
Vernon Joyner Matlock
Sally Sanders Bella McCarthy

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