The Blue Carbuncle

Series 1, Episode 7

SHG title card The Blue Carbuncle
Air Date June 5, 1984
Writer Paul Finney
Director David Carson
Previous "The Speckled Band"
Next "The Copper Beeches"

The Blue Carbuncle is the seventh episode of the first series of Sherlock Holmes, based on the eponymous short story.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes
David Burke Doctor Watson
Rosalind Knight Countess of Morcar
Ken Campbell James Ryder
Ros Simmons Catherine Cusack
Desmond McNamara John Horner
Amelda Brown Jennie Horner
Brian Miller Inspector Bradstreet
Rosalie Williams Mrs Hudson
Frank Mills Peterson
Frank Middlemass Henry Baker
Don McCorkindale Windigate
Eric Allan Breckendridge
Maggie Jones Mrs Oakshott
Ricki Scott hotel attendant
John Cannon
Eric Kent
Ted Beyer warder

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