The Baker Street Four (Les Quatre de Baker Street)
Book information


Written by Olivier Legrand and J. B. Dijan; illustrated by David Etien




French, English


Detective Novel, Graphic Novel


Vents d'Ouest/Glenat Editions, Insight Editions

Publication Date



ca. 112

The Baker Street Four (known as Les Quatre de Baker Street in its native French) is a series of graphic novels based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes that "provides an inside look behind the infamous Baker Street Irregulars". The series was originally published in France by Vents d'Ouest, and was translated into English worldwide by Insight Editions in 2017.[1]

Summary Edit

Billy, Charlie, and Tom are inseparable, and for good reason. Filled with con men and scoundrels, London’s East End is not a place that is easily survived alone. Fortunately, these three boys can count on the protection of Sherlock Holmes, for whom they sometimes act as spies.

When Tom’s girlfriend is kidnapped, the heroes will have to use their budding sleuthing skills to find her. Along the way, they unexpectedly add a fourth member to the team and ultimately become the youngest detectives of the Victorian era![2]

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