The Golem

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"Get Sherlock"

Mycroft Holmes contacts Dr John Watson to warn him about a number of international hitmen who have moved into the neighborhood where 221B Baker Street is located.[1] Of the four mentioned, two are killed by their competitors before they can speak to Sherlock Holmes, and only one survives.

  • Sulejmani: Member of an Albanian hit squad. Rescues Sherlock from getting hit by a car. Shot three times by one of the other assassins.
  • Ludmilla Dyachenko: Russian, moves into the flat opposite.
  • Hitman #3: Drawn out by Sherlock by jumping in front of a bus. Manages to tell him about the keycode before also being shot.
  • Hitman #4: Unknown.

Moriarty's assassins

  • Pool Sniper-The Great Game.
  • Sulejmani
  • Ludmilla Dyachenko
  • Hitman # 3
  • Hitman # 4
  • John's Assassin
  • Lestrade's Assassin
  • Mrs Hudson's Assassin


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