Stink Patterson
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Stink Patterson
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by Brendan Fletcher

Sterling "Stink" Patterson is a Canadian teenager who attends Sussex Academy along with Shirley Holmes and Bo Sawchuk.

Character history

Bart first appeared in "The Case of the Ruby Ring". He is highly interested in the paranormal and considers it good fortune to be abducted by aliens.

He is also very concerned about his studies, as seen when Math is taken out of the curriculum in Sussex during "The Case of the Calculated Crime". He may be a little queer, but Bo and Shirley still treat him as a friend, and he is aware of Shirley's sleuthing activities and sometimes helps out.

Stink Patterson is the class clown. His dad is the owner of "Laugh Riot", a nationwide chain of novelty stores, where the biggest selling items are whoopee cushions and fake dog poop. His sense of humour is of the same calibre. Stink doesn't play favorites - the world is his victim and there is more than enough whoopee cushions to go around.

Sometimes his dumb jokes impede Shirley's investigations and sometimes without even knowing it his fake spiders and booby-trapped desks have given Shirley the opportunity to go one step further in her sleuthing. On the other hand, the time he put a plastic spider in Molly's tea gave Shirley the chance to make an unseen gataway.

The biggest joke of all is that Stink has a serious crush on Molly - something that's bound to get him into big trouble.

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