Stephen Bainbridge
Sherlock (2010)
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Occupation Royal Guard
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Sign of Three"
Portrayed by Alfred Enoch

Private Stephen Bainbridge is a young man who works as a royal guard.

Biography Edit

Bainbridge contacts Sherlock Holmes and John Watson when he believes he is being stalked. On the day Sherlock and John come to investigate, he is found in the shower with a small stab wound to his stomach. They were unable to solve the mystery at the time, and it continued to be such until John's wedding and the life of a guest is threatened. Sherlock uses the new information to uncover a different motive; Bainbridge was not the intended victim, but rather was a guinea pig for a greater murder. Jonathan Small, the photographer at the wedding, used Bainbridge to practise his plan to murder James Sholto; he manages to stab Bainbridge through his belt by pretending to be a tourist and standing behind him to take a photo. The wound is held together by Bainbridge's belt, but as soon as he takes it off, the blood began to flow. He survives with the help of John and Sherlock.[1]

References Edit

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