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Speedy's Cafe
Location in Sherlock (2010)
Speedy's Cafe
Vital statistics
Location Baker Street, London, England
Appearances Sherlock (2010)

Speedy's Cafe is a small sandwich bar and cafe which is situated in Baker Street just to the right of the door to 221B and 221C.The place is owned by Mr Chatterjee.[1]

History Edit

Speedy's interior2

John and Mycroft meeting in Speedy's Cafe.

The café serves as a convenient meeting place on at least one occasion; Mycroft Holmes sat here with John Watson to discuss Irene Adler, and how they would explain her death to Sherlock.[2]

Mrs Hudson goes there often enough to become friendly with Mr. Chatterjee. She has an argument with him after Sherlock reveals that the boyfriend has a wife in another part of the country.[1]

Trivia Edit

In the unaired pilot episode the shop was called "Mrs Hudson's Snax n' Sarnies" (Sarny being a British English variant of 'sandwich').[3]

References Edit

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