Vital statistics
Location County Cork, Ireland
Position Market town
Appearances "His Last Bow"

Skibbereen was a market town in County Cork on the south coast of Ireland. It was situated on the river Ilen, not far from the sea. The district was mainly rural, with fishing and agriculture being its primary products. Its population was 3,208 people in 1901. The town was one of the worst-hit in Ireland during the famine of 1845-52, losing nearly half its population. It had a significant Irish Nationalist movement, which funded a memorial in the center of the town to the four failed uprisings against the United Kingdom.

"His Last Bow"

While attempting to infiltrate a German spy ring in the United Kingdom on the eve of the First World War, Sherlock Holmes disguised himself as an Irish-American Nationalist rebel intent on overthrowing British rule. After joining an Irish secret society in the United States, he was sent to Skibbereen on a unspecified assignment that "gave serious trouble to the constabulary". The success of his mission at Skibbereen brought him to the attention of von Bork's agents, who recommended him to their superior. His ruse was successful, and von Bork recruited as one of his most trusted agents.

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