Sir Edwin
Sherlock (2010)
Sir Edwin
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Born Unknown
Nationality British
Parents Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Occupation Government Official;
Head of the Secret Intelligence Services
Behind the scenes
Appearances His Last Vow
The Six Thatchers
Portrayed by Simon Kunz

Sir Edwin is a British Government official who is implied to be the head of the Secret Intelligence Services or MI6.

Biography Edit

Sir Edwin appeared on "His Last Vow", being a member of a Parliament or Cabinet Office inquiry on Charles Augustus Magnussen, who had interactions with the British Prime Minister. This inquiry was headed by Lady Elisabeth Smallwood and Sir Edwin was a part of this, as was Mycroft Holmes although Mycroft was not present.

After the incident at Appledore, Mycroft confided with Sir Edwin that his brother Sherlock was a murderer; not long after Mycroft had sent Sherlock on a dangerous mission however, Sir Edwin, Lady Smallwood and a group of colleagues watched as images of James Moriarty had appeared on every screen in Britain.

Sir Edwin then appeared with Lady Smallwood, her secretary Vivian Norbury, Mycroft and Sherlock where Sherlock debriefs everyone with priority level 'Ultra' regarding the Appledore incident, which had a D-Notice put on the incident for at least 100 years. Sir Edwin's occupation as the head of the Secret Intelligence Services was implied when he said that tailoring a security footage is no hard feat if Moriarty was capable of hacking every screen in Britain.

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