Shoscombe Old Place
Vital statistics
Location Shoscombe, Berkshire, England
Position Country estate
Owner Beatrice Falder
Appearances "The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place"

Shoscombe Old Place was a stately house and estate near the village of Shoscombe in Berkshire. It was the seat of the Falder family, last of the late Sir James Falder and his wife, Lady Beatrice; after Sir James' death, Beatrice's brother, Sir Robert Norberton, came to live with her. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson visited the estate to investigate a potential crime at the request of John Mason, the head groom, who was disturbed by the sudden strange behavior of Sir Robert and his sister in the lead-up to the Derby.


Little is known about the Hall itself, though at least part of it had been modernized with central heating. It was set within an extensive park, at the entrance to which was a tall gate surmounted by the heraldic griffins of the Falder family. The grounds included stables for horses and kennels where the famous Shoscombe spaniels were bred. The grounds also included a small lake, which was stocked with pike.

The grounds also contained an ancient, ruined chapel, beneath which was the disused crypt of the Falder family. The crypt contained several very ancient tombs dating back to before the 11th century, including at least one apparently Saxon burial and some Norman Hugos and Odos. The last known burials in the crypt were Sir William and Sir Denis Falder, who died in the eighteenth century.

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