Shirley Holmes
Shirley Holmes
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by Meredith Henderson

Shirley Holmes is a Canadian teenager who is the great-grandniece of Sherlock Holmes, Shirley is the daughter of British diplomat Robert Holmes and virologist Dr. Joanna Holmes. She carries on her famous ancestor's legacy of solving crimes through deductive reasoning while attending the prestigious Sussex Academy.

She is assisted during her investigations with her best friends with Bo Sawchuk, often matching wits with Molly Hardy as she tries to stop her plans.

She is brilliant, ingenious and tenacious. Shirley must solve mysteries. It's a passion: it's what life is about. The dark corners that others like to avoid are the very places she wants to be.

In addition to Sherlock's detective skills such as deductive reasoning and disguise, she also has his mannerisms, but she can still express her emotions. She prefers to keep a low profile so she can continue her sleuthing. She wears a variety of hats throughout the series.


Shirley was born in England, but when she was just a baby, her father, Robert, was offered a posting at the British Embassy in Redington. Robert and his wife Joanna, jumped at the opportunity; Joanna was Canadian, and this would bring her closer to home. Peggy Holmes, Shirley's grandmother, moved with them; she was always ready for a new adventure.

Shirley attends the prestigious private school Sussex Academy, in Redington, the nation's capital. She loves English, Science and History - although she is often at odds with many of her teachers. Shirley loves spirited discussions and never accepts anything at face value.

The headmistress of the school Ms. Stratmann finds Shirley "frequently tardy and sloppy in her appearance. She seems unable or unwilling to follow the rules." Well - it's true she is often late, but she can hardly dash off to school when she is in the middle of a case. But since Ms. Stratmann doesn't know she's a detective (nor do any adults), she can't really explain.

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