Sherlock Holmes and the Railway Maniac
Book information


Barrie Roberts





Sherlock Holmes and the Railway Maniac is a book by Barrie Roberts and was published in 1994.


'Nothing would tempt me back to my old career on any but the most temporary basis.' Now in his third year of retirement, the celebrated master detective Sherlock Holmes announces to his old friend Dr. Watson his firm resolve to stay well out of the affairs of others. But this emphatic sentiment is to be short lived. At the behest of his enigmatic brother, Holmes is persuaded to investigate two unexplained, catastrophic train derailments that have caused the deaths of more than forty people. Why would a criminal wreck an express train? As the clues accumulate the most homicidal lunatic in Britain remains at large. Can even the strenuous efforts of Sherlock Holmes avert an international calamity and bring to justice this evil assassin?

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