Sebastian Wilkes
Sherlock (2010)
Sebastian Wilkes
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British
Affiliation Shad Sanderson Bank
Occupation Investment Banker
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Blind Banker"
Portrayed by Bertie Carvel

Sebastian 'Seb' Wilkes is an investment banker – Director of the Trading Floor at Shad Sanderson in London. He is an acquaintance of Sherlock Holmes, whom he met at university. He remarks that even at university Sherlock was performing his deduction skills on people.

Sebastian appears in "The Blind Banker" where he retains Sherlock to find out how someone managed to break into the Shad Sanderson Bank.


Described by John Watson as a "heartless bastard", Sebastian shows somewhat eccentric and extravagant tendencies. He frequently travelled abroad and did very well economically, since he was a bank chairman and dressed with vanity. He was carefree in hiring Sherlock Holmes and in joking about their days in university.

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