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Sherlock 2 bbc

Series Two Edit

Summary Edit

Series Two has some of Sherlock Holmes' most famous cases, and deals with the forging of the mighty Sherlock Holmes[1] and his battle of wills with Jim Moriarty.

Series Ep# Title Original Airdate
1 A Scandal in Belgravia 6 May 2012
2 The Hounds of Baskerville 13 May 2012
3 The Reichenbach Fall 20 May 2012

References Edit

  1. Interview with Steven Moffat,, Date: 08.12.2011, Last updated: 08.12.2011, at 10.51. Quote: "I think the first series was more about John Watson being redeemed from being a massively traumatised war veteran into a bit of a hero. This year it's more about the forging of the mighty Sherlock Holmes."

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